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to Sept 15 | FESTIVAL | “Nova Batida”, First Edition | Alcântara | 10 – 119€

Looking for a new way to spend your weekend and beat this post-summer heat?
Nova Batida (the “New Beat”) is a music festival organized by some British folk dabbling in the recent wave of Latin music to hit Lisbon (that last sentence is courtesy of Ed Ivers, and i like it).
A fun-filled weekend with a line-up of more than 50 performers and bands, as well as loads of other activities, from street art to craft beer drinking to yoga and surf classes, and much more. They also help organize road-trips from all over Europe.

LX Factory and Village Underground Lisboa, where the festival takes place, are two of the hippest places this side of Brooklyn, located in Alcântara near Lisbon’s old shipping docks. The area is still sprawling with shipping containers, busses, elegantly broken windows, graffiti, but it now includes rooftop bars, bookshops, tattoo parlors, and all sorts of artisanal and crafty things too.

This is the first edition of the festival, and you’re invited!

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