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to Sept 19 | MUSIC FILM FESTIVAL | SONICA EKRANO | 2,50-2,79€

“Documentary film and the musical fringes.”
That’s how the new documentary film festival SONICA EKRANO, happening in Barreiro this September, describes itself. They add:
“SONICA EKRANO is dedicated to the music, musicians, sounds, and movements at the edges of massification and popularity…

The first edition of this festival creates a new space to provide the opportunity to watch cinematic works which remain (even in an age of digital platforms with on-demand content) hard to access, contributing to an increased audiovisual inclusiveness, striving to present a diversity of geographies and strike a balance between historical perspective and contemporary narratives.

The name SONICA EKRANO, written in Esperanto (meaning “Sound Screen” in English), seeks to reflect both music and cinema as “universal languages”, while also honoring the strong esperantist tradition in the south bank of the Tagus river.”

Three venues, ten days, 13 screening sessions of feature-length films, all made after 2015, and almost half being shown in Portugal for the first time. And each one for under three bucks.

See the full program, learn more, and get your tickets here.

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