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to Sept 25 | HISTORICAL ART EXHIBIT | CROSSING GAMES: Journeys between East and West | 5€

The hosts of Jogos Cruzados: Viagens entre Oriente e Ocidente at the MNAA say this:
“Based on one of the world’s largest private collections of board games, this exhibition will address the migration and exchange of games between East and West. It will focus on this type of Asian production for the European market, carried out from the sixteenth till the mid-nineteenth century, and on the presence of Western games in Asia.
Thus, Crossing Games: Journeys between East and West will not only be a unique opportunity to understand how games became a mirror of World History but also a reflection of the relations established between Europe and the East since the fifteenth century.”

Tue-Sun, 10h-18h.
Closed Monday.

Show up until Sept. 25.

TICKETS*: 5€ (exhibition + museum: 8€).

-Children under 12;
-BPI and CaixaBank (credit or debit card holders)
-Basic, primary, and secondary schools.

Here’s a glimpse.

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