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to Sept 30 | OPEN-AIR FILM CYCLE | Spaces that have no place | Alfama | FREE

Mário Dionísio was a Lisbon-born, -bred, and -buried painter, writer, professor, and critic from the last century. He had a big influence on the arts here.

About a decade ago, a bunch of his family members and random art geeks decided to open a cultural space in his honor, and that’s how Casa Da Achada was born. Part library, part museum, part documentation center, the space aims to preserve the city’s cultural heritage.

And now — every Monday through September at 21h30, to be exact — Casa Da Achada presents Espaços que não têm lugar (“Spaces that have no place”) — a series of films described by the organizers like this:

“If the whole world is made up of change, the spaces we go through, which are part of our daily lives, are no exception. They change with the uses that we give them, with the collective occupation or the abandonment of the day-to-day, and they change due to the economic interests of those who command and want to make the space profitable, empty, or full of life.

With this cycle of cinema, we want to question the concepts of space and place, through films with different perspectives. We want to think of spaces that no longer have a place like a grocery store swallowed by a skyscraper or a hole dug in the center of Paris to make room for a huge subway station.
They are spaces that can be imaginary or real, under construction or in continuous deconstruction, that have lost their place in our cities, neighborhoods, and also in our lives. In the cinema, however, the spaces that have no place go live in another way, in new ways, and remain in our memory.”

With spacey classics like Being John Malkovich to the Edge of the World, free of charge, you can make some space in your schedule for this one.

See the full program of films, with showtimes, here.

Learn more about the other events going on at the space through the summer (like a painting exhibit and various workshops) here.

FREE ENTRY (donations to the space welcome).

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