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to Sept 9 | FESTIVAL | Festa do “Avante!” | Seixal | 26 – 37,50€

“No universal selfishness can bring social good to all. Communism — the effort to give all men* what they need and to ask of each the best they can contribute — this is the only way of human life.” —W. E. B. Du Bois.
*Editor’s note: this applies to women, children, and the LGBTQR community too.

Communism is becoming a less and less dirty word in the West these days. In no small part due to capitalism, we’re sure. But hope dies last…
Nevertheless, every year since 1976, on the first weekend of September, the town of Amora hosts Festa Avante (“Forward!”), named after the official newspaper of the Portuguese Communist Party (PCP).

The three-day festival showcases hundreds of Portuguese and international bands and performers, on ten stages, along with artist booths, ethnography, gastronomy, debates, workshops, science, a book fair, theatre (“Avanteatro”), cinema (“Cineavante”), sporting events, a disco festival — yes, a disco festival — and tons more all-inclusive fun.
Take the whole family across the river and get your inner commie on in style.

P.S.: Tickets are 26€ for all three days if purchased before Sept 5th. Then prices vary.

P.S.S.: The festival kicks off 18h30 Friday and runs all day Saturday and Sunday.

See the full line-up of acts, get tickets and learn more here.

Long live Communism!

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