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to Sept15 | ENVIRONMENTAL SOUND FESTIVAL | Lisboa Soa 2019 | Marques de Pombal | FREE

This city definitely has lot of pretty ones, both natural and other.
Estufa Fria, for example, is a great place to escape the hustle-and-bustle of the big city and hear some nature. Right in the middle of the city, mind you.
And this weekend, the Greenhouse welcomes back Lisboa Soa (“Lisbon Sounds”), in its fourth edition, for four days of workshops, sound installations, sound art, talks, performances, and much more — all with a focus on “auditory culture.”

Here’s what we hear from the organizers:
“People, animals, plants, and sounds are in permanent migration, shifting from side to side, silencing or transforming soundscapes along the way. In some cases, they never find a place of belonging. In others, they can adapt and naturalize.
The greenhouse seeks to recreate other geographies, becoming a good example of a host in a built space, which protects its migrant species in a controlled atmosphere, which is transformed by each of its plants.”

Sounds like good, clean, educational fun for all.

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