Events » Culture » Theater » to Mar 16 | THEATER | Chekhov’s “Uncle Vanya” by Primeiros Sintomas |Santa Apolónia | 8€

to Mar 16 | THEATER | Chekhov’s “Uncle Vanya” by Primeiros Sintomas |Santa Apolónia | 8€

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February 20, 2019 @ 19:30 – 23:30
Primeiros Sintomas
R. Santa Engrácia 12 A
1170-333 Lisboa
to Mar 16 | THEATER | Chekhov's "Uncle Vanya" by Primeiros Sintomas |Santa Apolónia | 8€ @ Primeiros Sintomas | Lisboa | Portugal

“..for twenty-five years he has been reading and writing things that clever men have long known and stupid ones are not interested in.”
Anton Chekhov, Uncle Vanya.

If you type “Anton” into Google search, “Chekhov” is likely the next word to pop up. Which is understandable. After all, he was one of the best, and you don’t have to be a Russian, a theater kid, or an actor/actress to know this.

Local theater company Primeiros Sintomas (“First Symptoms”) knows this, which is why for the next two months they are presenting one of Anton’s best, TIO VANYA (or, Uncle Vanya, which first came to the stage some 120 years ago). Portuguese style.
Here’s what they tell us:
“In this play, exceptional characters are also ordinary men and women who talk to each other almost always about themselves. The more prosaic speeches are also different philosophical views on the meaning and absurdity of human existence. Idleness and monotony, the delight of the field are also ineptitude, nonaction, time suspended, even death, perhaps. “You have to do things,” you hear over and over again. An echo that is not known will arrive with the revolution that can be guessed.”

Wednesday through Saturday: 21h30.
Sundays and March 16 (Sat): 17h.

120 minutes (without intermission).

8€ a pop, with reservations via 915 078 572 or [email protected].

Synopsis and more info here.

NOTE: Even though Anton is universal, you’ll probably need some Portuguese for this one.

“I used to think every fool was out of his senses, but now I see that lack of sense is a man’s normal state, and you are perfectly normal.”
Same Anton, same play.

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