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VIRTUAL MUSEUM VISITS | National Museum of Ancient Art (and Others) | ONLINE | FREE

While the city is on semi-lockdown indefinitely, DGPC — the General Directorate of Cultural Heritage of Portugal, aka leader in the fight for Portugal’s soul in the face of COVID-19 — has joined forces with Google Arts and Culture to make sure that you get your daily dose of art, history, and culture.

Museu Nacional de Arte Antiga (MNAA) is Lisbon’s go-to for all things old, art-wise. In its own words, it’s “home to the most important Portuguese public collection of art, ranging from paintings to sculpture, and gold and silverware, as well as decorative arts from Europe, Africa, and the Far East.” Among other gems found here is a really cool original Bosch.

Click your way through its entire collection here.

And check out all the virtual guided tours the DGPC has for you here.


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