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WALKING TOUR | Circuit of the 2500 steps of Lisbon | Lisbon | 6€

They say Lisbon is the city of seven hills.
But obviously their math is a little off…

Anyway, if you feel like doing something healthy to cure that Sunday hangover, join Caminhando in this seven-kilometer, 2500-stair breeze of a tour, and do the math for yourself.

Here’s what the organizers say:
“In this event, we will enjoy the morning to take a ride that will take us to several stairs totaling 2500 steps, in a true roller-coaster exercise, which will lead us through places of undeniable interest such as belvederes, squares, alleys, courtyards — some of them true treasures, sometimes hidden. We will naturally take advantage of the small visits and give you some cultural notes.”

Distance: 7 kms.

Difficulty Level: 2.5.

Equipment: Footwear and suitable clothing for hiking.

Registration fee: 6€.

Proof of payment must be sent to:
Includes: Personal Accident Insurance, Guides, and Follow-up.

NOTE: Only registrations made until 16h30 the day before the event (Oct 5) allow the activation of Personal Accident Insurance.

Learn more about each set of stairs (and register) here.

Oh, and we suggest you stretch for this one.

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