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WALKING TOUR | From the Castle to Martim Moniz | Castelo | 12€

Castelo de São Jorge, one of Lisbon’s most famous and oldest landmarks, has an interesting history.

As does Martim Moniz (both the man who allegedly lodged himself in a door to help kick the Muslims out the castle, and the square below it bearing his name, which was recently almost turned into a container-filled tourist hell… ask your tour guide).

Caminhadas Smile (“Smile Walks”) offers you a historical walk through time, from the Castle to Martim Moniz, this Sunday.

Here are the deets, courtesy of Caminhadas Smile:
“-Sunday, October 27th.
-Venue: Castle entrance door, at the ticket office, starting at 9h40.
-Tour: 10h to 13h.
-ENTRY: 12€, including São Jorge Castle visit (FREE for children 12 and under).
-Limited Capacity.

Make your reservation by paying the 12€ to:
Nib 0036 0186 991 000 533 3694 – Fernando O. Lopes;
or via the (free) MB WAY mobile phone system, to +351 914 839 887.
Then make your registration in the Registration Form, click ‘Choose File’ and attach the proof of payment. If you have difficulty attaching the voucher, you can send it later to the email
If you paid by the MB WAY system, please refer to ‘Remarks.’

We respond with an email confirming the registration and booking to the participant, upon receipt of the amount transferred.


For mroe info or any questions, contact:
Fernando Lopes at +351 914 839 887, or email”

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