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WEEKLY | DANCE WORKSHOP | Aulas Dança Oriental | Anjos | 8-25€

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November 11, 2019 @ 18:00 – 19:00 Europe/Lisbon Timezone
Regueirão Anjos 70
1150-007 Lisboa
WEEKLY | DANCE WORKSHOP | Aulas Dança Oriental | Anjos | 8-25€ @ Anjos70 | Lisboa | Lisboa | Portugal

Belly dancing, aka Raks Sharki, aka oriental dance (sorry, self-proclaimed Americans) is both hot and not easy.

And Ana Moreira, self-proclaimed oriental dancer, knows this.

Ana wants to teach you to belly dance.

Here’s how Ana describes her weekly Monday night dance class on belly dancing:
“It is currently practiced by women from all over the world, and of all ages, a dance in which various parts of the body are worked in isolation and that promotes physical well-being, harmony, and self-esteem. It is a dance characterized mainly by the hip and belly movements, alternately wavy and accentuated, to which may be added some props, such as veils, canes, sword, among others.
The songs used have a characteristic sound that transports us to the Arab world.
It is a happy and relaxed dance.
Of women and for women.”

But boys are welcome too — if they got the belly, that is.

Bring your belly and transport to the Arab world with Ana.

Ana adds:
“Material needed-
Comfortable clothing, a scarf to tie at the waist, and a good mood. Classes are done without shoes, but socks or sneakers are recommended for protection only.”

8€ per session.
25€ for a month.

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