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WEEKLY to Sept 25 | FILM CYCLE | “Ways of Living” at Casa Achada | Baixa | FREE

If you’ve ever been AirBnB-ed* out of your home, then you’ll probably like Ivan Ilich. You’ll probably also like this, but not just because it’s free.
In the series “Another society – around the ideas of Ivan Illich”, Casa da Achada – Centro Mário Dionísio offers a cycle of open-air cinema projected between two buildings that will give way to more local housing.
Here’s what they say:
The films chosen (fiction and documentaries) are a small sample of different ways of dwelling. The bourgeoisie and the working class, the neighborhoods of the center and the periphery, children and old people, yesterday and today. And, who knows, tomorrow.
We inhabit the city, we inhabit the countryside, but we also inhabit the streets, the empty spaces, the houses and the cemeteries. And what do we do with these spaces? And with the time we spent in them?

*Even if you own an AirBnB, you still might like this :).

The films are free, every Monday at 21h30, all summer long (more here).
And full program here.

“The myth of unending consumption has taken the place of the belief in life everlasting.”
Ivan Illich

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