February 15, 2020 @ 10:00 – 13:00
Regueirão Anjos 70
1150-007 Lisboa
WORKSHOP | Japanese Bookbinding | Anjos | 36€ @ Anjos70 | Lisboa | Lisboa | Portugal

Roughly two years ago, two members of Atlas Lisboa’s street team set out on a side venture to sell some fish at a since-defunct Lisbon warehouse across the river. The fish was fresh but, since it was illustrated, needed to be neatly confined to a sellable ten-page book. The duo was completely broke, so they Youtubed some videos about Japanese bookbinding and got to work…

Today, the two fishmongers are still with Atlas Lisboa, and, despite having sold tons of fish, are still very much broke.

But they have proven one thing to be true: Atlas Lisboa is, and always has been, a trend-setter.

As evidenced by the following event.

From the organizers:
“This workshop is about all the fundamental principles of bookbinding. You’ll learn how to work with paper, getting to know all its peculiarities, from folding to stitching. In the end, we’ll have a very detailed Japanese binding book, perfect for all kinds of styles.”

Location: Anjos 70, Regueirão dos Anjos 68-70, Lisboa.
Saturday, Feb 15: 10h – 13h.
Max. participants: 8.

36€ registration here.
(Price includes all materials).

NOTE: Workshop for the 16th of February is already Sold Out.
(Oh, Atlas, what will you think of next!)

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