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WORKSHOP | Soundbath Event | Anjos | 7€

10:30 am on a Saturday morning can be rough…
Sometimes all you need though is just a good old-fashioned soundbath to get you up and about.
What is a soundbath, you ask?
Well, local DJ, medical student, and yoga and sound therapist Alizz invites you to “explore the basic principles of sound therapy, including use of your own voice and sonic tools to incorporate into your personal meditation practice.”
Her Soundbath Workshop includes the following:

-An introduction to the therapeutic properties and benefits of sound therapy;
-Research on sound therapy;
-Types and tones of singing bowls and their effects;
-Vocal exercises and deep listening practices;
-How to use crystal bowls;
-Sound bath and sound meditation experiences;
-Discussion and sharing.

It’s this Saturday at Anjos70.
At 10:30 am.

Energy exchange (that’s from the organizers, not us): 7€.

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