to Jan 25 | SCULPTURE EXHIBIT | Infinite Sculpture: From the Antique Cast to the 3D Scan | Praça da Espanha | FREE

Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian Av. de Berna 45 A, 1067-001 Lisboa, Portugal, Lisboa

From the organizers: "This exhibition brings together works by 18 contemporary artists and casts from the collection of the Faculty of Fine Arts of Lisbon. It takes a close look at casting, and the role it plays not only in sculpture, but also in many aspects of the everyday world. Casting has been a way […]

free with museum admission

to Nov 28 | ART | Exposições de Novembro at Braço de Prata | Braço de Prata |FREE

Fábrica Braço de Prata R. Fábrica de Material de Guerra 1, 1950-128 Lisboa, Portugal, Lisboa

Here's what Anita Pinto, organizer and event curator at Fábrica Braço de Prata, says about November there: "In July, after many months stopped, we managed to open murals in the external area, our first. As a result of the circumstances, the idea was to start testing possible alternatives so as not to let street artists, […]


to Dec 13 | MULTIMEDIA FESTIVAL | InShadow: Lisbon Screendance Festival # 12 |VARIOUS LOCATIONS | TBD


InShadow - Lisbon ScreenDance Festival is an initiative of Vo'Arte and a reference in contemporary artistic creation and programming, with emphasis on the convergence of language between body and image, based on technology. InShadow explores interdisciplinary atmospheres through aesthetic solutions and technical representation of body on screen, on stage and in other platforms. Genres and […]

to Jan 10 | ART EXHIBIT | A Exposição Invisível | Campo Pequeno | 3€

Culturgest - Fundação CGD R. Arco do Cego 77, 1000-300 Lisboa, Portugal, Lisboa

THE INVISIBLE SHOW, curated by Delfim Sardo, is an art exhibit that's more about sound than it is sight. Here's what the organizers say about it: "Since the early twentieth century, visual artists have been developing sound-based projects. Whether involving the use of the voice or the construction of atmospheres, sound has provided many artists […]


to Dec 5 | ART EXHIBIT | Rosanna Helena Bach: The Space Between Us | Avenida | FREE

Galeria FOCO Rua da Alegria 34, 1250-007 Lisboa, Portugal, Lisboa

Everybody knows that the space between us these days should be no less than two meters. But that still leaves plenty of space for some good old-fashioned magic realism. Here's what the organizers say about this one: "In her first solo show, Rosanna Helena Bach opens up a space of magical realism: a translucent, white […]


FOOD AND MUSIC | Hard Rock Cafe Thanksgiving Menu | Avenida | 12-36€

Hard Rock Cafe Av. da Liberdade 2, 1250-144 Lisboa, Portugal, Lisboa

The U.S. has a lot to be thankful for this month. But it's still not a great place to be (no pun intended). If you want to feel like you're in the land of the free for a day, celebrating its most gluttonous and genocidal holiday, without leaving the relative safety of Portugal, come to […]

€12 – €36

to Jan 17 | ART EXHIBIT | FILHAS DO TÉDIO | Mouraria | FREE

Teatro Taborda Lisbon

With the pandemic, Thomas Mendonça was no longer able to fulfill his work routines - sometimes due to the vegetative state, panic, alertness, contingency, sometimes due to the state of calamity or emergency. Because he “died” of emptiness, he started to paint. He preserved himself and took the time, modestly, to paint portraits in acrylic […]


WEEKLY | Social | Lisbon Digital Nomads Meetup (In person) | FREE

Lisbon Lisbon

To register for this weekly meetup of likeminded people, head to From the organizers: Hi everyone! For those who are new in town, welcome! This event description is a placeholder for future events. We have done our Thursday meetup every week since 2017, so it's definitely happening. Because of the pandemic, we've done our […]

Hora de Baco no Teatro Romano

Na última quinta-feira de cada mês, o Museu de Lisboa - Teatro Romano convida-nos para a Hora de Baco. Face ao contexto atual de aumento de incidência de contágio e de propagação da COVID-19, o concerto de 26 de novembro será transmitido no canal de YouTube do Museu de Lisboa. 26 de novembro - 18h00 […]

ONLINE CONCERT | Final Hora de Baco of 2020: Susana Travassos | ONLINE | FREE

Museu de Lisboa - Teatro Romano A, Rua de São Mamede 3 A, 1100-532 Lisboa, Portugal, Lisboa

Susana Travassos is a singer from the Algarve, Vila Real de Santo António, and she ends the concert cycle of Hora de Baco in 2020. With 2 edited CDs, she has performed in the most prestigious venues in Latin America, where she won an audience follower, won admirers, and the respect of the press. She […]

CONCERTS | Amália: The Voice Greater Then Fado | Belém | 10-23€

Centro Cultural Belém Praça do Império, 1449-003 Lisboa, Portugal, Lisboa

Here's what João Botelho says about the queen of fado Amália Rodrigues (whose centenary is being celebrated all throughout Portugal in this strange year) about the two concerts in her honor this Thanksgiving: "Amália: «high blow, hairy arm, hair on the wind, fire in the eye, was what was said of the mythical Severa. I […]

€10 – €23

to Jan 3 | PHOTO EXHIBIT | Francesco Jodice | Belém | 8€ or less

Museu Nacional dos Coches Av. da Índia 136, 1300-300 Lisboa, Portugal, Lisboa

Museu dos Coches hosts renowned Italian photographer Franscesco Jodice's "What We Want." From the organizers: "What We Want" is the title of one of the main projects of Jodice that started in 1995 and continues today with the objective of eternalizing the change in the landscape seen as a projection of the collective desires of […]




The 18th edition of TEMPS D'IMAGES 2020 hits Lisbon this week. Every weekend until December, a different space around town invites local photographers to show us what images they've been making in these troubling, uncertain times. Here's what the organizers say about it: "There is still time. We’ve now been able to put together what […]

Weekly | MARKET | Feira da Ladra | Alfama | FREE

Feira da Ladra Campo de Santa Clara, Lisboa, Portugal, Lisboa

The biggest and still the best outdoor market in Lisbon, every Tuesday morning and Saturday pretty much all day. "Ladra" means "thief" - while you can get some nice artisanal jewelry, 17th-century tiles, copper pots, and vintage LPs, this is also THE market to replace your missing phone charger or stolen backpack, pick up some […]


FOOD AND PARTY | Drag Taste Brunch | Alcantara | 25€

DRAG TASTE Rua Rodrigues de Faria 103, LX Factory, home L.03, Lisboa

Looking to fill your belly and embrace the art of looking fabulous? Drag Taste Brunch is a unique, interactive live show with drag queens from every corner of the globe. For 25 bucks, enjoy access to an unlimited champagne and mimosa bar, and an all-you-can-eat brunch buffet, plus "the hottest songs, death drops, non-stop laughs, […]


Festival Django Portugal | Gypsy Jazz Jam and Dance Sessions | VARIOUS LOCATIONS | FREE


Every weekend through the end of November, a bunch of Lisbon's kiosks and gardens (aka, semi-safe zones) are hosting jam and dance sessions open to the public, free of charge. The organizers Django Portugal are celebrating "the Parisienne Jazz of the 1930s and the music of the genius Django Reinhardt. Musicians and Lindy Hop, Balboa […]

MUSIC | Para o Fim do Tempo – Solistas da Metropolitana


As obras que se juntam neste programa têm proveniências muito distintas. O Quinteto com Piano de Schumann foi composto em 1842, num período em que o compositor se dedicou sobretudo à música de câmara, na busca de um estilo de pendor eminentemente clássico. É geralmente apontado como o seu mais importante trabalho camerístico, mas assemelha-se […]

Alkantara Festival 2020


ALKANTARA FESTIVAL 2020 NOV 13-29 O Alkantara Festival regressa de 13 a 29 de novembro e volta a propor-se como espaço de encontro, partilha e discussão pública, a partir de uma programação internacional de dança, teatro, performance, conversas e debates, na cidade de Lisboa e online. Em 2020, o Alkantara Festival inaugura um novo ciclo […]

to Dec 15 | PAINTING COURSE | Tuesdays at Má Língua | Graça | 45€

Má Lingua Rua da Senhora do Monte 1C, 1170-358 Lisboa, Portugal, Lisboa

Has the pandemic forced you to channel your inner painter but, despite all your efforts, you still feel you kind of suck at it? If so, Má Língua invites you for a four-week, eight-hour course, with someone who doesn't. That someone is Micaela Jarast, an Argentinian visual artist who guides painting workshops in different countries. […]


to Jan 25 | ART EXHIBIT | Festa. Fúria. Femina. – Obras da Coleção FLAD | Belém | 7€

MAAT - Museu de Arte, Arquitetura e Tecnologia Av. Brasília, 1300-598 Lisboa, Portugal, Lisboa

FLAD (the Luso-American Development Foundation) was founded in 1986, and here's what they say about themselves: "Every day we work to promote the development of Portugal in cooperation with the United States of America. And it’s by assuming this mission that FLAD constitutes itself as a bridge between the two countries, a resource of excellence […]


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