Most museums in Lisbon re-opened April 5, and theaters, cinemas, and live music venues on  April 19. Read more here. NOTE: Hours are changing constantly and shows still get cancelled, so please check with the organizers.

HIP-HOP CONCERT | Nameless | 5€

Com Calma - Espaço Cultural R. República da Bolívia 5 C, 1500-475 Lisboa, Portugal, Lisboa, Lisboa

Portuguese rapper of Indian origin Nameless has been doing his thing, hip-hop-wise, since 2003. Thus, he is well-known throughout the Portuguese hip-hop scene, having collaborated with some of its biggest names over the years, and even making a Youtube video or two. Then, after more than 15 years of collaborative releases, Nameless finally released his […]


THEATER | País das canções de embalar | 10€

Auditório Carlos Paredes Av. Gomes Pereira, 1500-328 Lisboa, Portugal, Lisboa, Lisboa

Here's the organizers' synopsis País das canções de embalar (aka 'Lullaby Country'): "A flight attendant guides us on a journey and asks us to forget. A crossing in a sailing boat. A story narrated by two women. A musician. A conflict arises between the author in the text and the author of the text, and […]


DOUBLE CONCERT | Dead Club featuring Erosão | 5€

DAMAS - Bar • Sala de Concertos R. da Voz do Operário 60, 1170 Lisboa, Portugal, Lisboa, Lisboa

Here's what the organizers of this Friday night doubler-whammy say: "Rite of passage. Rebirth of Dead Club as a symbol of a new life of Violeta Luz. Catharsis and celebration. Opening the hosts, the debut of Erosão in our house." And here's what they say about each act: "Dead club is a ritual, an exorcism. […]


CONCERT + DJ SETS | Fogo Fogo: 7th Anniversary | 10€

Casa Independente Largo do Intendente Pina Manique 45, 1100-395 Lisboa, Portugal, Lisboa, Lisboa

Here's what local musical legends Fogo Fogo say about this Saturday night: "The barriers imposed by the current world situation were not easy at all: the lack of warmth, of touch, of dance; the smiles, the laughter, the toasts, and the hugs. Above all, we miss you. The lack of our existence, together, in the […]


MUSIC FESTIVAL (Jul 14-16) | Super Bock Super Rock 2022 | 58-225€

Meco Beach EM561, 2970, Portugal, Setúbal

Super Bock Super Rock, one of the country's older, superest, and biggest music festivals, was supposed to celebrate its 26th year in 2020. But then you know what happened. This year, however, here's what they say: "In 2021, we will again celebrate 3 days to remember forever." UPDATE JUNE 1, 2021: SBRS was also moved […]

€58 – €225

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