ATTENTION: Museums in Lisbon, along with all other Cultural establishments, will be closed until at least mid-February 2021 due to new Covid safety measures, which you can read about here


The Red Planet has been in the news a lot lately. And while you still can't go get a cup of coffee (here in Lisbon) indefinitely, you can take a 54.6-million-kilometer trip, virtually speaking, in a matter of seconds, to indulge your curiosity and instill some much-needed perseverance, courtesy of NASA and Google, and free […]


to Dec 31 | ONLINE MUSEUM TOUR | National Azulejo Museum | FREE Lisbon

Google Arts and Culture is one of many ways to avoid catching the 'rona this new decade. And if you want to check out some local museums in 2d – like, say, the National Azulejo Museum – they are your go-to too. FREE.

to Mar 31 | VIRTUAL MUSEUM TOUR | Calouste Gulbenkian Museum | ONLINE | FREE Lisbon

The Calouste Gulbenkian Museum is one of Lisbon's biggest and most historically renowned art collections. And, due to the lockdown, it's closed. But that doesn't mean you can't check it out on a screen. "Explore the 360 virtual tour through the Founder’s Collection and Modern Collection galleries" here, for free.


to Mar 31 | VIRTUAL EXHIBIT | Deep Down Portugal is the Sea | ONLINE | FREE Lisbon

It's a little cold to go swimming in Portugal these days. And it also might be against the lockdown rules. Still, deep down, Portugal is the sea. And here's what CCB, the organizers of this free online exhibit, say about that: "The video installation Deep down is the Sea, by Graça Castanheira, is now available […]


MUSIC | Gulbenkian Música on Spotify | ONLINE Lisbon

Here's how the Gulbenkian describes its Spotify collection: "Music to study, work or listen to in family, great works from the history of music or essential pieces for instruments of the orchestra, music from East to West, classical or the Jazz festival in August. There are many and varied playlists that we have for you […]


POETRY AND ART | Paul Verlaine: Accursed Poet | ONLINE | FREE Lisbon

Dead french poet, symbolist, artist, alcoholic, lover of Rimbaud, and many other things Paul Verlaine had seen some sh.t in his day. For some food for the soul and a reminder that your life is not as bad as it seems, check out some of his stuff, virtually, at the Gulbenkian. Here's what they say […]


VIRTUAL EXHIBIT | René Lalique and the Age of Glass | FREE Lisbon

Like almost everyone in the first world, Lisbon´s Gulbenkian Museum has mostly gone online in recent decades. One of the many exhibits you can explore there is described by them like this: "Browse through the galleries of the first exhibition that the Foundation dedicates to René Lalique since 1988 revolves around the artist’s relationship with […]


WEEKLY (to Jul 16) | LITERATURE | Alice in Wonderland: Audiobook | ONLINE Lisbon

Learning a new language during lockdown is easier said than done. Still, if you are determined to brush up on your Portuguese while you wait for the world to end, then the CCB got you covered with a timeless classic. Here's what they say: "A special edition of Alice in Wonderland and Alice through the […]


to Mar 8 | CALL TO ACTION | Nominations for The Gulbenkian Prize for Humanity | FREE Lisbon

Well, one thing is clear: coronavirus or not, the planet is kind of f.cked. But that doesn't mean we have to lose our humanity. And one way to keep your humanity is by rewarding the humanity of others with one million dollars belonging to the Gulbenkian. From the organizers: "The Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation is committed […]


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