Expect Dust in the Sky and Mud Rain

The overcast sky in Portugal is not your typical bad weather, its dust coming from remote lands. Health authorities are recommending you avoid going outdoors.

If you awoke a bit perplexed and dazed by the pink and orange hues in the overcast sky, you are not alone. Portugal is experiencing the effects of a dust storm coming from the North of Africa that arrived to continental Portugal this Monday, March 29, the Portuguese Sea and Atmosphere Institute (IPMA) announced, according to TVI.

The meteorological depression that caused the big thunderstorm that struck Madeira over the weekend, resulting in flooding and power outages on the island, is reported to have moved east towards the North of Africa. From there, the depression accumulated high levels of dust on its route to Portugal, IPMA reports.

The effects of the increased concentration of dust in the atmosphere was initially felt in the south of the country on Monday, and it is expected that dust levels will remain high throughout Tuesday and begin to dissipate by Wednesday, the news outlet reports. 

IPMA also warns that rainfall is expected — and due to the dust in the sky, it may very well become mud rain.

The DGS (Directorate-General of Health) put out recommendations for people to limit doing exercise outdoors and avoid exposure to risk factors such as tobacco smoke and contact with irritants, adding that “the citizens, who are more vulnerable to the effects of this phenomenon, in addition to complying with the recommendations for the general population, should remain inside buildings and, if feasible, with the windows closed,” TVI reports.

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