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Fábrica Lisboa

Traditionally-prepared pastries made fresh everyday in a space that pays attention to detail

Rua da Madalena, 121
+351 215 968 827, website
Mon, closed; Tue – Fri, 8h – 20h; Sat – Sun, 9h – 19h

Half the joy of going to this pastry shop is the space itself. The design pays homage to bric-a-brac in all the best and mismatched of ways. Sit down with a coffee and a high-quality croissant and let your mind wander as your eyes come to rest on the various chotchkies on the shelves. The word is out on this shop, so finding a table during snacking hours can be difficult, but it’s always worth a try for the flaky, buttery deliciousness of these top-notch baked goods. Go salty with the salmon and arugula, or go sweet with the almond or strawberry jam option, and you’ll be in heaven either way.

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