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Floresta do Calhariz

Nothing special, just a well-priced lunch in a shady spot in Bairro Alto

Rua Luz Soriano, 7-9
Bairro Alto

213 425 733, website
Daily, 11h – 2h

As strange as it may sound, this place will satisfy the needs of even the most picky and indecisive group of people. Here’s the scene: a pregnant lady, two vegetarians, a pescatarian, and a carnivore walk into Bairro Alto and can’t agree on a place to sit down for lunch in the heat of summer. Thank god for the diverse menu here— it literally kept us from blows. We were delighted with the gaspacho, the pescatarian was happily face-first in his polvo lagareiro, the two vegetarians each got a veggie hamburger and shared a large side of french fries, and the pregnant lady devoured not one but two melons with ham. It’s not the fanciest nor the most ingenious place to be sure, but the service was quick and friendly and the food made this argumentative bunch shut up for five glorious minutes. That’s worth something.

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