Foreigner in Portugal and Curious About Local Elections? Read On

Our friends at Mensagem want to answer all the questions you were too afraid to ask about Portugal's local elections. In English.

Unlike certain countries, Portugal allows foreigners to play a substantial role in its elections. Voting rights are extended to citizens of many countries, including all of the European Union, but also Brazil, Chile, and New Zealand, among others. And in certain cases, non-citizens can even run in local elections.

This year’s municipal elections are likely to be particularly important for foreigners living in Portugal, considering the worldwide headlines on the plight of immigrants in Odemira during COVID, the scandal at SEF brought to light by the killing of Ihor Homeniuk, and the ongoing reliance the Portuguese economy has on for-sale legal residence.

Our friends at Mensagem, Lisbon’s participatory journalism initiative, are here to help you learn more. On Monday, June 21, at 18h30, Mensagem is hosting a Q&A at its headquarters, the iconic café A Brasileira, in English, on voting in general, what’s at stake this year, who the candidates are, and more (for free). Seating is limited so you have to register here — but you can also watch the event on Zoom and Facebook, once registered.

Some of us from Atlas will be there too, come say hi!

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