Free COVID Tests in Arroios, Estrela, Marvila, Among Other Lisbon Neighborhoods

In a bid to control the spread of COVID in high-risk areas, Lisbon’s Camara Municipal started a program last week that offers free tests to residents of neighborhoods that have more than 120 cases per 100,000 residents.

If you live in certain neighborhoods in Lisbon, you can now get tested for COVID every two weeks for free.

Update April 25: It’s actually all of Lisbon now.

As of last week, Portugal’s Camara Municipal began a program that offers free tests to anyone over 16 living in neighborhoods that have more than 120 COVID cases per 100,000 residents. Among them are popular foreigner hangouts such as Arroios, Estrela, and Marvila. The list will change according to the number of cases (see updated here), but this was the breakdown as the last update:

Image: Câmara Municipal de Lisboa

The tests can be done at one of several websites, and the city hall website has a great interactive map to help you find one. To get tested, go in person or call any pharmacy on the program, regardless of whether it’s in your neighborhood, to schedule the test (the map has the phone numbers). If you’re eligible, you can do a test every 15 days if you like. The pharmacies will report the results to the health authorities. 

You’ll have to prove, of course, that you’re a resident of the neighborhood, so a citizen or resident card is likely essential, although your local pharmacist may of course remember you. It’s unclear whether you have to be registered with the health authorities (i.e., have a “numero de utente.”

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