Government backs down on Golden Visa rules | IMIDaily via The Portugal News

“The golden visa will still come to an end in Portugal but now applications will remain open until the new laws are finally promulgated, reversing the rule that had stated that all applications would be cut off from 16 February,” TPN writes.

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Or as we put it when the news was about to break:

Portugal To End Golden Visas, For Real This Time, Seriously

So, not quite the end just yet.

But wait, there’s more!

According to IMIDaily, per the most recent move by the government that just can’t let the golden visa scheme die, existing golden visas — as well as those that are still being issued, apparently well past the cutoff of Feb. 16 — will be converted to “D2 Entrepreneur” visas, TPN writes.

What’s the difference from the regular D2 visas, you ask?

Well, the regular D2 requires the holder to be in Portugal for 183 days out of the year. The new Golden Visa-to-D2 version…only requires seven days a year, according to TPN, much like the original golden visa program, err, the former golden visa program, err… Whatever, looks like they’re being issued and those with the money can still buy Portuguese residency with for a few hundred thousand euros.

But be warned:

More than 60% of golden visas have expired (October 2022)

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