Groups Launch Complaints Portal for Immigrants and Refugees | RTP (PT)

The Humans Before Borders (HuBB) collective, groups of migrants and refugees, Escola Superior de Educação do Porto students have launched to “compile the complaints received and turn them into public data” through social networks and collaboration with the media, to allow “civil society to have a more precise view of the difficulties that the migrant and refugee population experiences in Portugal,” according to RTP.

The website, however, s pretty obvious that this isn’t aimed at the wealthy American upset about having to reschedule another residency appointment:

“The ‘Report Desk’ is available to receive reports of cases of exploitation, rape and/or discrimination experienced by migrants and/or refugees across the country,” the project page reads.

We’ll be watching what they come up with!

Thousands of immigrants with suspended lives waiting for SEF (June 2022)

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