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If you’re looking for a spot to grab a cold brew that isn’t Super Bock or Sagres, we can help. Check out our top eight picks for brewpubs around Lisbon HERE. Not sure what to order? We can help you out, so take out a pencil and paper and keep reading. You’re in for a wild ride driven by the brewers themselves. Cheers!

UPDATED Oct. 12, 2016 – RIP Green Room…

5 e Meio (Pãvoa da Galega)

Photo courtesy of 5 e Meio (named for the percentage of alcohol in each beer)

How it started: The idea for 5 e meio (5 and a half) was born in June 2013 by the two founding partners who were talking about entrepreneurship and, having a penchant for cerveja in common, they decided to try producing craft beer.

We acquired a basic kit and carried out the first production in August 2013. However, 5 e meio as a manufacturer of craft beer, was only officially born in October 2014 when we joined together with the Chemical Engineer and a fourth person in the area of Marketing.

The Philosophy: All of our beers have our own personal touch. Obviously, we have done our due diligence and research as the recipe we have created has had good reviews, but we always try to give the brews our identity as we make changes to meet our goals. We currently have 6 varieties available: Wheat, Pilsner, Porter, Stout, Spicy Lemon and Bohemia.

Where to buy it: 5 e Meio has only recently become available for sale and as such, our market position is limited. However, the demand and the interest shown in their products has been increasing every day, so they have good prospects for the future. You can find all the different varieties in Campo Pequeno.

How to meet the makers: Anyone interested can contact us and set up a time to visit our facilities at our headquarters: Rua Quinta da Mata, 48, 2665-623, Pávoa da Galega – Venda do Pinheiro

Amphora (Póvoa de Lanhoso)

amphora-portugal-microbrewAmphora Cerveja Artesanal Varieties: Photos courtesy of João Palmeira

How it started: Amphora has existed in an unofficial capacity since November of 2012 when it was born in the kitchen of my house. Only in March of 2014 did it finally acquire the structure it has today, with its own headquarters and a small production facility located in a former elementary school in the Águas Santas parish in Póvoa de Lanhoso. The owners are João Palmeira, the managing partner, and three more investment partners (an economist, a lawyer and a teacher) who prefer to remain anonymous.

The Philosophy: Our philosophy has to do with our obsession for beer in its diversity and the ability of beer to demonstrate its refinement and quality to everyone. Amphora has 9 varieties: Bracara (Cream Ale); Avgvsta (Sweet Stout); Rvber (Scotch Ale); Maria da Fonte (American Pale Ale); Gladiator (IPA Inglês); Elysivm (Honey Ale); Imperator (Abbey Dubbel); Centvrivm (Imperial Stout) and Nemesis (Speciality Ale).

Where to buy it: Take a look at our Facebook page for a list of updated vendors.

How to meet the makers: By appointment only, you can visit: Rua da Casola, 230, Edif. EB1 Águys Santas, 4830-014, Póvoa de Lanhoso

Arrábida (Quinta do Anjo)

beer-arrabida-cerveja-portugalArrábida Logo courtesy of Valentina Resel

How it started: The Arrábida Beer Company, founded in 2014 by an Austrian master brewer, is a family craft brewery located in the Arrábida Natural Park. We are inspired by the beauty and ambiance of nature to create a new kind of unique beer based on traditional recipes: Red Fox (smart ale), Ferret Chestnut ( clever pilsner), Blackbird Blue (slow wheat) and White Owl (porter spirit), as well as a special edition, ABC Petisca, flavored thyme.

The Philosophy: We present to our customers a new view of beer, maintaining it as an
original product of high quality. We offer: ABC Petisca (Lager with thyme), Coruja Branca (White Owl porter spirit) Doninha Castanha (Ferret Chestnut clever pilsner), Raposa Vermelha (Red Fox smart ale), (Blackbird Blue slow wheat)

Where to buy it: Portugal dos meus amores (Centro Comercial Campo Pequeno), and Cerveteca (Lisboa), Ingrediente Gourmet – Galerias Alto da Barra (Carcavelos), Restaurante Portofino, Pizaria Pasta Fina, Taberna BairradinaRibas Sushi Bar, Café I Love Espichel, Casa Mateus, and Artesanato SSB (Sesimbra), Mercearia Kubiaça (Setubal)

Facebook page.

Bordallo (Caldas da Rainha)

bordallo-beer-lisbonBordallo Cerveja Artesanal photo courtesy of Paulo Bastos

How it started: The draft craft beer Bordallo began in late 2012 when a group of friends from Caldas da Rainha, Miguel Morais, Paulo Bastos, Pedro Azevedo, and Ricardo Acevedo, were discussing their dissatisfaction with the lack of decent beer in the area. Curiosity and critical spirit led them to enter into a new adventure, so they began to produce their own.

In the second half of 2014 we thought it was time to turn it into a commercial product. In 2015, a new member (Pedro Silva) joined the team and we started the incorporation of the company (Royal Brewery Caldas, LDA) and obtained a space where we set up our production.

The Philosophy: The recipes are based on styles widely known as Weissbier, Witbier and IPA, but we always try to give you a personal touch according to the preferences of each one of the integral elements. We also create small test productions that we expect will serve as products in the future as very limited seasonal editions. As there are many of us and we all have different tastes, it is turning out to be a very interesting experience.

Where to buy it: Bordallo isn’t on the market yet because we need time to complete our production and legalization. Hopefully soon we’ll start commercialization.

Click here to visit the official facebook page.

Burguesa (Vila Nova de Gaia)

cerveja-artesanal-portugal_57ce9603d4756Burguesa logo courtesy of Hugo Rocha

How it started: By the time craft beer began to become fully appreciated, Hugo Rocha stopped producing beer only as a hobby (beginning in 2013) and began this entrepreneurial project that allowed him personal satisfaction and added to his professional activity by creating Bourgeois Microbrewery Investment Co., Ltd.. And so, the 28 year-old professional civil engineer, with the help of girlfriend Liliana Costa, began on his craft beer adventure.

It was in in Bicta (as we like to pronounce it) on Rua das Flores where our craft beer was born in 2013 — with a full view of the Sé which serves as the image of our product. To pay homage to the city’s history, we named it Burguesa (bourgeois).

The Philosophy: Our beer is prepared 100% artisanally, without the addition of any colors or preservatives. We only use malt, water, hops and yeast. We turn out a product that is distinct not only in quality but also in variety. After several experiments and many tastings, we produced three very different styles with distinct aromas and tastes: the Bourgeois Weissbier, Bourgeois Strong Bitter, and the Bourgeois Belgian Dubbel. Seasonally we will also be presenting other styles that will of course target the quality taste and customer satisfaction, including: Bourgeois Scotch Ale, Belgian Tripel Bourgeois and Bourgeois Imperial India Pale Ale.

Where to buy it: Unfortunately at this point it is sold mostly in the district of Porto and is not yet on sale in the capital, but it’s coming soon.

Cinco Chagas (Bairrada)

cinco-chagasCinco Chagas logo courtesy of Claudio Miguel Oliveira

How it started: Five friends came together with a common affliction: a great thirst for craft beer. This project began in 2011, as a joke between guys who liked artisenal beer. They decided to make their own brews for special occasions and the feedback was so positive that they begin to think why not offer it to everyone? After research and many tests, they decided that they were ready to bring Cinco Chagas to the commercial level. And so they did. In 2014, they launched the brand and got started.

The Philosophy: The philosophy of Cinco Chagas is to provide a damn fine craft beer and, in addition, innovate and improve the quality of Portuguese craft beer to the level of other national and international brands, putting us on the map as some of the best.

Right now we have four types of beer, four chagas (wounds) – Wheat, Blanc (one Witbier), English style IPA and the Bohemian Pilsener. We are in the final stage of phase on the way to make our fifth Chaga, Brut de Chagas – the first Portuguese beer produced by the champagne method.

Where to buy it: Presently, the beer is available to order via email or facebook. Only recently did we first appear on the market in Craft Beer Festival in Leiria, which allowed us to show the quality of our product and exceeded all our expectations having given us a ton of important contacts interested in the marketing of our beer – soon we’ll have news.

To visit our facilities, just get in touch with us via email or facebook.

Deck Beer Lab (Estoril)

images-deck_beer_labAPA, Chocolate Porter, Wheat, and IPA Beers, photo courtesy of Deck Beer Lab

How it started: Michael and John are two childhood friends, both lovers of good beer.

With our travels and experiences we realized that beer could be a universe of great taste. We decided to learn how to make beer and we just grew from there. Our friends kept asking us if they could take more and more of our beer home and we finally decided in early 2014 to formalize our production in order to allow everyone to try it.

The Philosophy: As the name Deck Beer Lab implies, we like the experimental side, and want to be a laboratory of beer. Our offerings vary by season, but so far, we have successfully developed IPA, APA, Porter, Dubbel, and WIT.

Where to buy it: At Deck Bar in Estoril and Garrafeira FAH in Cascais

Official Facebook page

Dois Corvos (Beato)

dois-corvosLogo courtesy of Susana Cascais and Scott Steffans

How it started: Susana Cascais and Scott Steffens lived in the U.S. in Seattle, where there is an abundance of high-quality craft beers. Susana comes from the area of marketing and management, and worked with a craft brewery large scale in the U.S.. Scott is a software engineer and made his first beer in 1995. Two years ago they decided to come to Portugal, and together they founded the Dois Corvos (Two Crows) Brewery.

We started to serve homemade beer to friends and family and from there it was a short hop to start the business with the support and enthusiasm of the many who have tasted our beers and have given us the strength to launch this project. It has grown incredibly fast since then and can be found in many places around town, often on tap. They also have their own Tap Room in Beato.

The Philosophy: Our philosophy is to make a high quality product we are proud of to develop the community of beer lovers and work side by side with our other brewer colleagues in order to foster a culture of craft beer still incipient in Portugal.

Buy it and meet the makers: The Tap Room is now open on Fridays and Saturdays!

Ermida (Abrantes)

ermidaErmida Cerveja Artesanal Branding, courtesy of Rui Reis

How it started: Cerveja Artesanal Ermida is owned by Rui Reis who was born in Abrantes, and is currently the owner of the Technical Agro-Industrial Consultancy. The beer has been sold legally since May 23, 2014 though it began production in June 2012, still unnamed, after participating in a workshop sponsored by 3 Cervejarios.

In the beginning we produced lots of small batches and now, after having acquired new equipment, we are producing batches of 160-180l. Our first guinea pigs were our friends, followed by presentation events and in bars. Thankfully, the feedback has been positive!

The Philosophy: We use raw local materials whenever possible. Respect for the environment is primary by reducing energy, water consumption, and waste itself. Our beer isn’t filtered or pasteurized, preserving the aromas and flavors that have evolved naturally. Now we are marketing four types of beers: wheat, Red (Belgian ale), IPA (Indian Pale Ale) and Stout. We have 3 more in fermentations coming soon.

How to meet the makers: Rua da Estação Nº 4 r/c Alferrarede, 2200-038 in Abrantes.

Click here to visit the official facebook page.

Mártir, MLD Cervejeiros (Trás-os-Montes)

martir-cerveja-portugal-craft-beerMártir MLD Craft Beer, photo courtesy of the “Three amigos”

How it started: Three young friends in Trás-os-Montes liked enjoying the (more than occasional) good beer, and, of course, good snacks on the side. It has been in operation since 2013. What started as a joke found a following and since then, hasn’t stopped.

The Philosophy: Our philosophy is to use the best that is in Trás-os-Montes to make our beers. An example is the martyr cherry which uses cherries from Alfandega da Fé, which is also the location of the manufacturer. It is therefore seasonal beer produced with local cherries, no added dyes or cherry substitutes. We offer three varieties of beer under the brand Mártir. Pilsen (blonde), black (imperial stout) and cherry (fruir beer).

Where to buy it: Loja Corvo Azul next Castelo de S. Jorge and restaurant Pigmeu in Campo de Ourique, a house of pork petiscos.

Click here to visit the official facebook page.

Mean Sardine (Ericeira and Mafra)

mean-sardine-3Mean Sardine logo courtesy of Jorge Borges

How it started: The three founders (Jorge, Rolim, and Andrew) and a developer (David) have always liked a lot of different beers and in order to get out of the confines of industrial Pilsners, they had to leave the country.

With dedication and courses abroad, we fell deep into the art of brewing so we could bring it back home. After some time of sharing experiences and knowledge with other international brewers, we launched. The Mean Sardine was created in early 2013 in Ericeira and Mafra. In 2014 we started offering it to Lisbon and some other parts of the country (Porto, Aveiro, Évora). By 2015 we established ourselves in Lisbon and Porto and we are currently adding points in Alentejo and Algarve.

The Philosophy: Mean Sardine brews are irreverent beers — that’s what best explains the brand. We left traditional styles and tried to build on something else that provides wonderful sensory experiences, with a strong aroma and flavor. Mean Sardine came from their region of origin — it has a strong connection to the sea (partly explained by Sardine). All the beers have names related to the sea (Zagaia, Amura, Voragem and Tarrafa) and each meaning can be found on the label.

Where to buy it: See the list of outlets on their facebook page.

Mediaevalis (Aveiro)

mediaevalisMediaevalis Weiss and Dunkel courtesy of Alexandre Carvalheira, Luís Santos, and João Carvalheira

How it started: Since January 8, 2014, Cerveja Artisanal Mediaevalis has been run by three friends, Alexandre Carvalheira, Luís Santos, and João Carvalheira with entrepreneurial vision and the unconditional will to carry forward the often times trying project of craft beer.

The Philosophy: Our philosophy is driven by the desire to attract and satisfy the demand of consumers who want to buy, drink, and enjoy a true quality beer. Satisfying and pleasing the drinker with excellence is our goal. The Weisbeer is a  wheat beer faithful to its German origins. Its characteristic sweetness is complemented by aromas of hops and a pale bitterness. The Dunkel has rich aromas and very smooth roasted flavors with a hint of cholocate.

Where to buy it: You can see all the sites on their facebook page.

Passarola (Lisboa, Aveiro)

passarola_dosPassarola Oatmeal Stout courtesy Pedro Gonçalves

How it started: Passarola consists of two people with different experiences in the area of craft beer. Rob Klacek, an Australian homebrewer with professional experience in the distribution of beverages and André Pintado, Portuguese, taster of amateur beers with more than 1700 beers under his palette. Not a bad job, huh?

The idea came up in Lisbon in April 2014, where the brewery continues. Between planning and lots of testing and tasting, we only labled our first beer in September 2014, in the beer market in Cascais .

The Philosophy: We regularly offer three beers that have different characteristics. They are all ales: an India Pale Ale, which is a bitter but aromatic beer (6.5%), a Double Oatmeal Stout, which is a real stout with oatmeal (8%), and an Amber Rye Ale which is for easy consumption (6%). Soon seasonal beers will also be offered.

Where to buy it: In Lisbon, our beers are available in Cerveteca, Lisbeer, Fábulas, Cruzes Credo, Trobadores, Quinoa, Arcaz Velho, DeWine, Wines 9297, Melkia Spirit, Portugal dos meus amores and Gallus Grill. We are nomadic brewers, so our business model is to outsource the production of beer we have on order. At this time our beer is being brewed in Faustino Microcervejeira in Aveiro.

Click here to visit the official facebook page.

Post Scriptum (Trofa)

Logo of Post Scriptum courtesy of Pedro Sousa

How it started:  Pedro Sousa started making beer at home with his brother when he was 14. There was no access to the Internet or books, so it wasn’t easy. If they needed malt, they had to produce it.

I began Post Scriptum in September 2013 after leaving the Sovina Beer, where I was a founding partner. They wanted to “keep the business in the family” and realized that the brand name said it all: Sovina not Sousa. I devoted myself to consulting in Portugal and Spain, and later on I found projects in Brazil, Angola and Norway. During all this time, I was mounting the production almost alone (only with the help of friends and family), and started production in late January 2016. Speed is the enemy of perfection!

The Philosophy: Contrary to what I have observed (concerning brand design, image, marketing plans and quality), I’m brewing and guarding this area probably due to passion and resilience. I feel at home next to stainless steel, bottles, galoshes, and M80 on the radio. As for my own brands, some follow a philosophy and some don’t. In fact, it is the total absence of philosophy that makes art: I won’t spoil the surprise. As for the types of beer, I can accomplish everything usually on my first attempt.

Where to buy it: Ask! If you do not have it, you will.

Rapada (Santo António do Alva)

rapadaRapada products courtesy of Sérgio Cruz

How it started:  The owners of Cerveja Rapada are three childhood friends, all linked to the interior of the country – the Serra da Estrela region of Santo António do Alva, formerly called Rapada, a name that they wanted to make sure was reborn. This is a young company, since its registration took place in December 2014, just a few months after the founders decided they were serious.

The Philosophy: We want you to experience a flavor that can take you down a path — hand in hand with other regional products of Serra da Estrela. We currently have two types of beer: a black (type Oatmeal Dry Stout) and a blonde (Belgian Pale Ale type).

Where to buy it:  We are in about 20 stores in Lisbon. However, it is a market that’s growing.

Click here to visit the official facebook page.

Régia (Minho)

regiaRégia Brewery Logo courtesy of Armando Magalhães

How it started:  Armando Magalhães is the owner of Regal, a beer that is made with natural ingredients via artisanal production methods.

It all started in 2012 with the production of a malt house with whom we did our first beers with the knowledge of the existence of Sovina which started brewing with imported malt.

The Philosophy:  I am a small producer whose beer is sold in almost all regions. Régia is crafting beers so that ordinary Portuguese people can identify themselves through flavor and craft and not be too focused on other international styles. Currently I have five beers on the market: two wheat, two barleys, and a black beer. All beers are obtained from a selection of various malts. The beers that are being produced are: The barley malts Floral 1292 and Floral 1514, the barley and wheat malts Cortesã and Duchess, and finally the Stout.

Where to buy it:  The beers are sold at various restaurants and bars the Minho region, and in Porto in the “Vanguardia Seafood & Other”. Their sights are set to expand soon.

Official facebook page.

Saudade (Loures)

saudade-logoSaudade Logo courtesy of Cristina Silva

How it started: The unlikely brew-couple John and Cristina Silva (an electrician and an archaeologist) started the company in Minho in 2013.

In an attempt to combine work with a taste for craft beer, John, who has always been fond of specialty beers, took part in training course focused on brewing. Since then (2013), we have produced the beers in small quantities. Now that we are starting to grow as a company from their first two years of sales, we are experimenting with other flavors and methods so we can develop as the many varieties possible.

The Philosophy:  The recipes that we have already defined are Weiss, IPA, Pale Ale and Abbey. We are, across the board, a natural craft beer company, from production to labeling equipment, which was designed and built by us. We have a limited production at 25 liters at a time, which has allowed us to improve our recipes. Even as we continue to grow, we want to keep ourselves close to the final consumer, with local production and accessibility to enthusiasts and the curious.

How to buy it: It became officially available in the spring of 2014, so be on the lookout and ask your local bartender.

Click here to visit the official facebook page.

Vadia (Ossela)

vadiacoverPhoto of Vadia (Bitch) courtesy of Nuno Marques

How it started: The project was born in 2009 when three friends decided to embark, after two years of research, developing their own recipes. The team is made up of entrepreneurs (between 37 and 43) from different professional horizons who joined forces by a common passion: beer. Nicolas, is a French brewing engineer, and Victor is a computer services director.

The project culminated in early 2012 with the sale of their first beer brand “Vadia” (bitch) after one of the founders trained as a Master Brewer in France. It was an opportunity for the development of a new product in the completely virgin market in Portugal.

The Philosophy: In the early years we were all about a continuous research process. We focused on the concept of fresh produce with moderate alcohol content, flavor, and balanced flavors, adapted to the taste of the Portuguese consumer. Vadia has launched 4 beers: Trigo (wheat), Preta (black), Ruiva (Ruby), and Pils – now Loira (blond). As a major precursor of craft beers in Portugal, Bitch Beer is also the most awarded internationally as it has won medals from gold to bronze in the following competitions: The Brussels Beer Challenge, Product of the Year 2014 in Portugal, and the International Competition of Lyon.

Where to buy it:  Museu da Cerveja (Lisbon), Amateur Winemakers (in Bica), Beer Cascais (Cascais Fish Market), Auchan Hypermarket, and Jumbo.

Official Facebook page.

The Brewer’s Guide to finding craft beers in Lisbon:

Cerveteca (Principe Real)
A Birraria (Almada)
Outro Lado Lisboa (formerly LisBeer) (Baixa)
Beer Station (Baixa)
Museu da Cerveja (Centro)
Moules and Beer (Campo de Ourique)
Duque Beer (Bairro Alto)
Quimera Brewpub (Alcântara)
Trobadores (Baixa)
Dois Corvos Tap Room (Beato)
Pistáchio (São Pedro de Sintra)

Are you a brewer? Get in touch.


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