RIP – Hennessy’s

A more upscale-looking Irish bar with surprisingly rowdy clientele

A more upscale-looking Irish bar with a surprisingly rowdy clientele

Rua Cais do Sodré, 32-38
Cais do Sodré
+351 213 462 467

Mon – Thu, 11h – 2h; Fri – Sat, 11h – 3h; Sun, 11h – 2h

Hennessy’s is an independent Irish pub, great for bar food like ribs and sandwiches, good for its’ selection of beers (with Guinness expertly poured, and more and more Portuguese craft beers), and one of the only places around that serves decent Bloody Marys (although you’ll still have to bring your own horseradish). Many nights there’s some sort of community-gathering event, like open mic or trivia nights. And it has one of the most international staffs in the city. Hennessy’s can get rowdy during rugby and football games (or, for you Americans, soccer games). Still, no hooligans here (usually!), just “entrepreneur” types that mostly talk the talk.

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