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‘Mysterious and Rich’: Photos by Henri Prestes in His First Monograph

Portuguese photographer Henri Prestes, who so impressed us last year with his moody, cinematic imagery of small Portuguese villages and countryside, is out with his first monograph, and it’s a gorgeous book to immerse yourself in.

All images courtesy Setanta Books

Produced by UK-based fine art photography publisher Setanta Books, We Were Born Before The Wind includes 50 photographs in a fine hardback edition that lends itself perfectly to a retrospective of Prestes’ photos of deserted streets and roads, misty forests and fields, lonely houses, and signature solitary figures. 

“We learned about Henri Prestes through Instagram and were immediately drawn to him,” Setanta’s Sofía Krysiak tells Atlas in an email.

“We simply love Henri’s style, so mysterious and rich. We wanted to create a beautiful book that takes the viewer into the eerie, semi-fantastic world Henri creates with his camera and his vision. His work is evocative and we thought it deserved to be turned into a book,” she added. 

You can buy the book at the Setanta Books online store.

You can also buy limited edition prints from Prestes’ official store at and see more of his work at, and read our interview with him from April 2021

Prestes is the first Portuguese photographer that Setanta has worked with, according to Krysiak — but he’s no longer the only one. 

Thanks to Setanta’s bi-monthly limited-edition zine, we have been exposed to Lisbon-based photographer Teresa Freitas, the 14th photographer in the series. See some of her work below, and stay tuned for our interview with the artist!


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