Hikidashi Taberna Japonesa

World-class sushi in Campo Ourique — reservations required

R. Coelho da Rocha 20A
Campo de Ourique
+351 213 955 555, website
Daily, 12h30 – 15h; 20h – 24h

If you find yourself frequenting, against your better judgement, one of the many all-you-can-eat joints to get your sushi fix, just don’t. You won’t find paper-thin pieces of subpar salmon nor ill-cut greying tuna shards here. At Hikidashi, you’ll be tuning into Tokyo with premium cuts of your favorite fish. The seating is arranged along a beautifully sanded wooden counter facing the chef and his assistant. You can watch them as they extract fish eggs, scallops, and other delicacies from icy cases and cut your order with elegant precision. Try the ceviche (I know, I know, not Japanese) and your taste buds will be primed for the next round. Go for the shake hara (salmon belly) and the futimaki roll of scallops, salmon, and advocato [sic] for your next course and you’ll forget the pricetag — it’s steep. But it could be because of the labor involved. The maguro spice roll includes tuna that’s been raped [sic] in a turnip, but whatever happened there worked. The translations might be unorthodox, but trust us, the food is excellent. Hikidashi is certainly not a cheap place to go, but that doesn’t stop those in the know: reservations are practically required at this point.

いただきます itadakimasu (bom apetite)


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