Home Tests for COVID Arrive in Portugal’s Pharmacies — Some of Them

Around 500 pharmacies, as well as Pingo Doce and Well’s, are carrying the rapid antigen tests for COVID, but it’s unclear which ones.

Illustration by Valdemar Doria

Portugal’s roll-out of the self-testing kits began last week and now includes reportedly 500 pharmacies and some Pingo Doce and Well’s locations.

All of Portugal’s districts have the home tests available as of April 1, Alliance Healthcare tells Público. So far, 120,000 tests have been “guaranteed” to these pharmacies, and more tests are expected, to keep up with demand.

It’s unclear, however, which pharmacies actually carry them. ECO, for example, found tests being sold at just one pharmacy out of the five the news outlet visited in Benfica on Thursday. 

Pingo Doce and Well’s stores began selling the home tests for around 7€ on Thursday, according to Público. A search on Well’s online store turned up no test available for delivery as of April 3. And it’s probably best to call ahead if you plan to visit a store.

If you do find a test, CM-TV has a brief video on how to administer them (it’s in Portuguese). You can Google-translate ECO’s written instructions here. But ECO writes that the tests in fact come with instructions — and the ones in English are actually more detailed than the ones in Portuguese. 

Meanwhile, the online platform for reporting the results of the self-tests is still not up and running — and as of the morning of April 3, Direcção-Geral de Saúde (DGS – Directorate-General of Health) still didn’t have a date for when it would, according to RTP. The news network recommends that those receiving inconclusive or positive results contact SNS 24 (tel 808 242 424, press 9 for English)


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