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Hotel Eden VIP Rooftop

Sunset spot with a dipping pool you might be able to sneak into

Praça dos Restauradores, 24
+351 213 216 600, website
Daily, 10h30 – 24h

With a view this good, you’d think it would always be packed. Not so — it’s actually sparsely populated during the day. Perhaps that’s because of the outrageously bad drinks and service that ages you as you wait. Stick with beer, wine, or something neat, mostly because it’s faster to make, but also because there’s not much room for error there. Word to the wise: don’t try the electric blue drink, even if you’re feeling particularly adventurous. Not only will you have smurf lips, you’ll have a headache the next morning for sure. In the summer you can expect strange sunset parties until around midnight, but in the colder months, it’s practically empty and quiet enough to hear yourself think.

2022 Update: Aah, the best things never change. Same horrible cocktails, same cheap wine and beer, same perfect view of Lisbon. We love how bad it is because it’s one of the best rooftops in the city and there’s rarely a crowd, so go in for a glass of wine or beer (don’t expect the waiter to bring it) and grab a table in the sun. You’ll understand what true happiness looks like. Note: Don’t be alarmed by their google-translated menu. Sangria is translated as “Bloodletting” — as far as we know, that’s not a service they offer.

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