How to get a COVID digital certificate in Portugal

Tested negative? Recuperated? Vaccinated? You can have a certificate! (It has some perks)

The COVID digital certificate is going into effect across the European Union, meant to facilitate travel and otherwise ease life for people who have tested negative, have recuperated from COVID and have proof it, or have been vaccinated — including only with one dose for the two-dose vaccines, although that’s not enough for most travel, including to leave the Lisbon Metropolitan Area when it’s in lockdown as it has been during the past two weekends.

If you are qualify with one of the above-mentioned reasons, and if you have a numereo de utente from Portugal’s national health services (Serviço Nacional de Saúde), you can sign up the digital certificate here:

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  1. Thank you for continuing to share the link to the DGS website for foreigners without números de utente. I appreciate your columns about Covid be they about vaccination or restrictions on movement. Your magazine is a useful resource. Thank you!

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