How to See If Your Personal Info Was Exposed in the 2022 TAP Hack (Ours Was)

If you've had the pleasure of flying TAP, strangers are likely doing horrible things to your email address on the darkweb right now.

This week, hackers took to the darkweb to auction off personal information on 1.5 million (according to Público) or 5 million (according to customers of the Portuguese airline TAP, yet another reason to keep it at the top of the “Most Complained-About Airlines” list.

If you’ve flown TAP (sorry!) and want to see if you’ve been hacked (double sorry!), has the answer if you just type in your email address on the website. Don’t worry, they work with the American FBI.

Oh wait. Maybe worry? What have you done, exactly?!

Compromised data in this breach, by the way, according to the website, includes dates of birth, email addresses, genders, names, nationalities, phone numbers, physical addresses, salutations and spoken languages, if you care about that sort of thing being known about you — or used against you.

We can confirm that both of Atlas’ co-founders had their emails and whatever else exposed in the TAP hack, per the website.

Also, no visits from the FBI yet. Nor ransom demands from Nigeria. The wifi’s a bit slow though, no?

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