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How to Watch the (VERY Partial) Solar Eclipse in Portugal on Portugal Day

Photograph by Kevin Baird

If you were in Canada, say, you’d get to experience the full “Ring of Fire” event that is the eclipse coming on Portugal Day tomorrow, June 10. Here, we only get a partial “bite” that will move along the sun’s circumference.

But it’s still an eclipse, so take a look tomorrow morning – just NOT directly at the sun unless you have specialty glasses (seriously, you’ll burn your retinas).

Another option is the the old pinhole method that only requires some pieces of cardboard.

In Porto, sun gazers will be able to see around 10% of our star obscured by our moon. In Lisbon, it’ll be less than 7%. In both cases, the eclipse will be visible in the morning from around 9h45 to 11h30, peaking around 10h30.

More information from the Astronomical Observatory of Lisbon, via a handy chart, here .

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