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Immigrants to Portugal despair over clogged lines at the SEF. Pablo had to make 30,000 calls | Público (PT)

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“Those trying to get through to the Foreigners and Borders Service (SEF) over the phone … despair after countless hours of failed attempts,” Público writes.

Also: SEF has opened thousands of new vacancies for the regularization of immigrants but telephone lines are clogged | CNN Portugal

“On social media, some claim that in just one day, they tried to make 1,500 phone calls to get one of the 42,000 vacancies opened by the SEF, without success,” CNN Portugal reports.


And remember this from just a little over a year ago?

SEF to Be Dismantled; Government and Parliament Can’t Agree on Who Will Give It the Ax 

But that hasn’t happened, of course.

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