Immigration or bust – a sobering report | The Portugal Resident

Natasha Donn over at Portugal Resident does a knock-out job going through the “Immigration Integration Indicators 2023” report from the Observatory on Migrations to show the nuances involved in being an immigrant in Portugal, and what those immigrants do for the country. Here’s just a taste (but you should read the whole thing):

“For example, last year immigrants paid into Social Security more than €1.86 billion. Of this amount, benefits were paid out of around €257,000. Immigrants make up 7.6% of the population (they made up 5.7% four years ago) but 13.5% of Social Security contributors. There are 87 immigrant contributors for every 100 residents, while the Portuguese have a ratio of only 48 to 100.”

Sobering indeed. Also, hats off to all our fellow immigrants.

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