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Incógnito Bar

The best indie-rock music downtown

Rua Poiais de São Bento, 37
São Bento
no phone, website
Mon – Tue, closed; Wed – Sat, 23h – 4h; Sun, closed

This dance club has become an institution since its opening three decades ago. It’s easy to miss as it’s tucked away on a residential street (hence the name), but there’s usually plenty of dancers-to-be standing outside smoking cigarettes to give it away. If not, just listen for the thump of the bass coming from underneath a doorway and ring the bell. Admission is generally 5€, sometimes with a free drink, sometimes not. The DJ plays mixes from just about every genre and decade, sometimes interestingly, sometimes straight-up, but those who are there are there for one reason only: to dance, so don’t expect to have any mind-boggling conversations while inside if you value your vocal chords, plus the sweaty bopping mob might look at you funny.

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