Indoor Dining and Hotel Stays Subject to Negative COVID Test Results or Other Documentation

Wanna dine inside a restaurant this weekend? You'll need a certificate for that if you're in Lisbon or other high-risk areas.

In response to rising daily coronavirus cases in Portugal, the government has announced new strict measures to combat; the surge, just as we mark the end of restrictions on leaving the Lisbon metropolitan area.

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As just shy of 90% of new cases are of the more infectious Delta variant, measures must be taken to ensure public safety. However, considering the current vaccination rate, better access to testing, and the number of those who have recovered from a previous infection, the government has found a little more wiggle room in how to fight against further spreading at the already suffering indoor venues in all of the 60 high-risk municipalities, which includes Lisbon and Porto.

From now on, if you want to dine inside, you’ll need to bring a vaccination certificate, proof of recovery, or a negative test to access indoor-dining restaurants starting on Friday at 19h and on through Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays. The same goes for those who plan to stay at a hotel or alojamento local (think AirBnBs), or visit a “tourist establishment” anywhere in Portugal — and not just on the weekends, according to Idealista.

Luckily, those choosing to have dinner on a restaurant’s terrace or outdoor space are not subject to the same rules.

Regardless of where you are, all restaurants will be closing at 23h, so be sure to put in your dessert orders in time.

In a statement published in Reuters, Cabinet Minister Mariana Vieira da Silva said, “For a long time, the only measure we had at our disposal was limiting economic activity; [however] with the (EU) digital certificate, and the more frequent availability of tests, we have other ways of guaranteeing security.”

To enter both hotels and restaurants, anyone over 12 years of age must provide any one of the following forms of documentation: the EU digital COVID-19 certificate, negative rapid antigen tests, or negative PCR tests. The minister also added that fast tests can be provided by hotels at check-in, Reuters reports.

If you choose to go the Rapid antigen test route, remember it must have been done within the last 24 hours in the presence of a health or pharmaceutical professional who has certified the result, according to Idealista.

And it could cost you big if you don’t comply, according to the publication. Those who break the rules risk being fined up to 500 for customers and 10,000 euros for businesses, as per Reuters.

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