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May 27, 2016 by The Atlas Team


Open all night long and has great Wah Gwan nights

Rua Nova do Carvalho, 6
Cais do Sodré
+351 213 421 859, website
Mon, closed; Tue – Sat, 24h – 6h; Sun, closed

This open dance-floor is borderline empty until around 4h when the nearby bars close. In the earlier hours, the rounded bar seems swallowed by the enormous dance floor inside. The music is obviously reggae, but nothing groundbreaking — just the obvious tunes you probably already have in your library or on your Bob Marley Spotify. Obviously, that hasn’t stopped them, as Jamaica Bar is almost 45 years old and still kicking, because we all continue going here for the vibe, which, when the place fills up, is one of the friendliest, flirtiest in town. It’s currently hosting Wah Gwan nights on Tuesdays, with live reggae performances by local and traveling acts. Worth a visit, bredren. You’ll leave feeling irie.

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