Hot Tip: Kebap Brunch is Officially a Thing

This new kid on the kebab (or kebap) block is taking brunch to a whole new level.

Who said brunch has to be synonymous with hangovers, eggs Benedict, and avocado toast? The new kid on the kebab (or kebap) block, Cais Club Kebap is taking brunch to a whole new level, and they’re doing it every day except Tuesday, at whatever time you want it.

The manager of the kebap shop is Lou Lou, a foodie from France who moved to Lisbon in 2018 from Paris. Her take on the typical street food is a lot different from what you’d expect to get from the kebab shops around town. She says, “I have a French point of view of the kebab. It can be good, fresh, wholesome, and made from scratch. Everything is homemade every day.”

Lou Lou and crew hard at work

The 15€ brunch covers a main dish like the crispy falafel (chickpea or beetroot) or a perfectly seasoned shawarma (lamb or chicken) and a whole host of delicious sides like sweet potato puree, hummus, baba ghanoush, pepper sauce, pita, and whatever new concoction might find its way to the platter. Both menus include a bottomless coffee and a choice between a small pint or the special beer, which is a mix of Campari, vermouth, and a pilsner. Our recommendation? Go with the special beer because, when in Cais….

Lou Lou says, “We wanted to do brunch differently and were inspired by mezze — a lot of different tastes all on the same plate.”

All the different goodies you get on your brunch platter

The brunch menu is served most days, and on Sunday there’s live music: with the outdoor tables, it’s the perfect spot for a less than typical brunch.

And if brunch isn’t your thing, the menu is open to a la carte choices with other typical menu items. Lou Lou says, “I’m trying to develop Crafty’s menu to be special for them. Think small plates of falafel to share like hummus, pita, and lots of different other options that people can enjoy with a beer on the weekday. That’s to come soon!”


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