Lisb-On Brings it On in 2024

Lisb-On 2024, thaks to JardimSonoro, was a balanced blend of local and international talent with a laid-back vibe.

Lisb-On and JardimSonoro yet again brought the world’s best in house and techno to a picturesque Lisbon garden.

Late in June 2024, the pine forest of Jardim Keil do Amaral in Monsanto came alive with the rhythmic pulse of Lisb-On. This festival, renowned for its local knowledgeable Portuguese crowd and family-friendly vibe, offered a top-tier line-up of electronic music giants.

Among the highlights was Fjaak’s power sunset techno set mixing high energy driving techno and a few cult classics followed by techno legends Jeff Mills and Marcel Dettman who kept the energy rolling into the early hours.

Dr. Rubinstein and Honey Dijon rounded off the more electronic section of the line-up whilst Folamour’s more commercial bubbly disco-house cuts provided a late afternoon groove. The bucket-hatted Frenchman shared the main stage with Camelphat and Adriatique, bringing a more accessible beat back to the event.

Vago residents Afonso and Joaquim Quadros had us grooving to an afternoon house set with a river backdrop while warming up the stage for Orgazon. Collect co-founder Solid Funk closed the night out following a stunning performance by the legendary Jeff Mills.

The predominantly Portuguese crowd contributed to a knowledgeable, relaxed, and friendly atmosphere, and lacked the wild hysteria seen at some international events. This cultural nuance provided an intriguing dynamic, making Lisb-On a more chilled affair. The quick-moving queues were a logistical win, ensuring minimal disruption for festival-goers who haven’t been so lucky in previous editions.

Despite its strong musical lineup and relaxed atmosphere, Lisb-on’s production values left room for improvement. The stage layout, sound, and lighting creatively used the forest’s unique natural beauty and the riverside location, especially at sunset, however, the creative design, while eco-friendly with its recycled materials, lacked some of the visual and interactive impact we’ve seen before.

The organizer’s dedication to featuring local house and techno DJs alongside international stars is highly commendable, promoting Portugal’s “4 to the floor” electronic scene. The Lisbon residents provided a consistently energetic vibe and together with the festival, they offered a perfect setting for their extended communities to meet and catch up.

All in all, for those seeking big-name headliners and solid production, Lisb-On delivers. Yet, for house and techno devotees in search of inspiration through avant-garde experiences, it might fall short. The festival excels in providing a well-rounded, party experience but doesn’t quite push the boundaries far enough to be considered a scene innovator.

Overall, Lisb-On is a must-visit for house and techno music enthusiasts who appreciate a balanced blend of local and international talent in a stunning urban park setting, making it a standout event in Lisbon’s cultural calendar. Parabéns to all who were involved in bringing the project to fruition.

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