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May 15, 2017 by Patricia Imbarus

Techno at Its Best: Lisboa Electronica at LX Factory

Sunday, May 14th. 6:00 am. Lisboa Electronica draws to an end with a hypnotising set by DVS1, Berghain’s iconic resident DJ, leaving the crowd dumbfounded and speechless. Ravers of all breeds, with endless smiles and glitter in their eyes, become still. Entranced and united by the music, they plea with their hearts for just one more song. But the party is over. After three days and three nights of dancing to the swirling, infectious beats, hundreds of beautiful, sweat-kissed strangers exit in cohorts from the main stage warehouse, fleeing the dark red brick alleyways and into the dusk. Bidding new friends and old lovers farewell, they melt into the pavement, leaving the magic / place of adoration behind. Seventy-two hours of color, hypnotizing, flashing strobes, intoxicating beats and mind-expanding sound journeys. To each traveller its own. Energy. Enveloping darkness, and an army of devoted followers. True believers in the healing power of pure, unadulterated Techno.


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