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Feb. 3 Lisbon neo-nazi march organizers say they’re coming to Martim Moniz and Mouraria despite failing to get authorization | SIC Notícias

For those of you new to Lisbon, Martim Moniz and Mouraria are two neighborhoods where Lisboetas go to shop for all things Chinese, from cookware to groceries, eat food from a ton of yummy Southeast Asian, Middle Eastern, and African restaurants, and generally get a sense that Lisbon is home to a vibrant community of people from all over the world and not just from Europe and the U.S.

For those of you new to right-wing populism in Europe, some locals think the above is an awful thing. On Saturday, Feb. 3, they plan to… say? do? something about it, in the form of a march, despite lacking the permission to have one.

“I’m worried,’ says one of the 15,000 Muslims who live and work there,” according to SIC Notícias.

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