What’s On in Lisbon in April 2020

Drip, drip, drop little April Showers! Escape your rainy lives and come to sunny Lisbon. Does it still get cold at night? Yes. But there are plenty of shows, bars, and people to keep you toasty until the wee hours.

*NOTE: Events are subject to cancellation due to the COVID-19 outbreak. Stay tuned for updates.

Abril águas mil here in fair Lisbon. That means some beautiful reflections on the slippery cobblestone streets and, if you’re anything like us, soggy laundry on the line for days on end. But fear not. There are things going on despite the rain, and depending on the current situation with Coronavirus, they are well worth attending. Here are some of our favorites this year.

The 25th of April is the day when we commemorate the Carnation Revolution of 1974, when Portugal put an end to the Salazar regime. The best place to be is Largo do Carmo in front of the GNR (military police) station, where the army called for the dictator Marcelo Caetano to cede power to General Spínola. You can look forward to marches, music, ceremonies, parties, and even some special menus all over town.

But that isn’t the only thing worth popping out of the house for.

The beginning of the month brings with it the Festival do Violoncelo 2020 at the Palácio da Ajuda from the 1 to the 5 of April. There will be group workshops, ensemble performances, debates, open practices, a masterclass with the badass cellist Valente Pereira, and more, culminating in a concert on the last day.

Don’t miss the wide variety of concerts at the Dias da Música on the 17, 18, 23, 24, 25, and 26 of April when the Centro Cultural de Belém will be alive with the sound of music by internationally renowned artists. This year’s festival is built around western classical music but you can also expect to see groups of jazz and other non-conventional ensembles who will turn classical music on its ear.

The MNAA is stepping up their game with two new expositions: “Weaving the Cosmos” featuring 140 crochet dolls by the Japanese fashion artist and designer Fukuko Ando and the 12-piece exhibition of the 16th-century Flemish master painter Peeter Baltens. Both shows are running until May 3.

Looking to inject a little something different into your dancefloor repertoire? Now’s your chance. The Orient Museum is hosting a series of KPOP Dance workshops (taught in English by South Korean choreographer and dancer Sunbee Han), the first of which is from the 16 to the 18 of April, dissecting and imparting the smooth moves of DUN DUN, from Everglow, to your shoulder and hip-popping pleasure.

In April, the cherry on top, if you will, is the annual Óbidos Chocolate Festival going from the 24th of April to the 3rd of May. This international chocolate festival welcomes chocolatiers from all over the world who are keen to compete for fame and glory that would make even Willy Wonka blush. The best part is that the public is invited to weigh in.

And that’s not everything. Check out our full calendar here.

Top Picks for Lisbon Events in April

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