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If you are looking for properties costing €40,000 (per square meter, not the whole place) — or more — you may need to go to Paris, but here in Lisbon we got some for around $30K/sqm.

“Lisbon occupies 20th place in the Barnes Index City 2023, having risen four places compared to last year’s list. The table is led by Paris,” TPN writes.

If you think Lisbon is ridiculously expensive and amazed at how anyone with less than f***-you money can afford to buy here these days, consider this:

“Buoyed by a brand image that seems impervious to crises, the Paris market is on the way to reaching new heights for truly exceptional properties and the symbolic €40,000/sqm mark has been crossed several times since 2020 by BARNES and sales approaching or even exceeding €50,000/sqm can be expected by the end of 2023,” Richard Tzipine, Managing Director of BARNES, said in a statement.

Here’s what you can expect in Lisbon for around €30,000/sqm, meanwhile, if that’s your price point:

How about for the less-than-financially-independent? Well…

Portugal’s Minimum Wage Covers 67% of Expenses — If You Have Free Housing (April 2023)

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