MAAT – The Museum of Art, Architecture and Technology

Modern art like Portugal has never seen it before, with an additional focus on architecture and technology.

0-18 years: Free; Adults: €5; +65 years: €2.50; Students: €2.50; Members: Free; MAAT & Central: €9
Av. da Índia 136
210 028 130, website
Mon, 12h – 8h; Wed – Sun, 12h – 8h

The collections are constantly shifting in the various rooms of this modern art museum overlooking the Tejo, and since its recent opening, it’s difficult to know what rooms will be accessible and which won’t be, so it’s best to check and see what exhibits are going on before you go. The space itself, no matter the room you’re in, is more or less a wonder of design and engineering, so it’s fun to explore the interior as well as the rooftop overlook no matter what’s on. Make sure to bring your camera when you go, because this modern building is really fun to photograph from all angles.

Tickets can be purchased for entry to MAAT, or just entry to Central (EDP), or for both combined.

To see what’s on, go here.


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