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Francesinhas that necessitate an elastic waistband

Largo de Santos, 14D
+351 308 809 291, website
Daily, 12 – 24h

It might not be the most elegant spot to go to get your francesinha fix, but the ambiance isn’t why you should go. Each glorious layer of the famous dish from Porto is varied by recipe from spicy to mild to wild and irreverent. You won’t be able to finish an entire one no matter your choice, so it’s best to go in pairs and split one, or, if you’re a purist, starve yourself for several days and go solo. Cheesy goodness over ham, egg, steak, and (insert other animal product here) is never a bad idea, unless of course you’re a vegetarian or your doctor told you to watch your cholesterol intake. The booths around the sides of the space are great for a little privacy as you attempt to conquer the beast on your plate.

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