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February 20, 2018 by The Atlas Team

Maritime Museum

Travel back to the time of the explorers as you stand slackjawed in front of model ships and more

0-3 years: Free; 4-12 years: €3.25; Adults: €6.50; +65 years: € 3.25; Family (2 adults + 2 children): € 14.60
Praça do Império
+351 213 620 019, website
Tue – Sun, 10h – 17h

You’ll need at least two hours to get through this massive tribute to all things maritime. Each of the grand halls of this museum is filled with naval uniforms, charts, maps, incredibly intricate ship models, compasses, and more. The Maritime Museum’s collection of nautical instruments may cause you to overspend at its souvenir shop, because they carry quite a few nice replicas of the sextants and ship compasses used by the discoverers. You’ll be convinced of Portugal’s prowess at sea, and the explorer in you will want to come out and play.

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