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Mercado Praça da Figueira

A cheap bifana that will blow you away at a hidden lunch spot amid overpriced tourist traps

Praça da Figueira, 10
+351 211 450 650, website
Mon – Sat, 8h30 – 20h

There are more and more restaurants offering everything “authentic” and “traditional” and “fresh” something or other around this area of Rossio, but even when that’s true, the food tends to come with a price tag. And sometimes it comes just with the price tag. Fortunately for those of us who need to occasionally just get food and not an “experience,” there’s the little café inside Mercado Praça da Figueira. The menu is short and to the point — a few sandwiches, a good selection of juices (which are probably NOT organic, if you were wondering), some pastries, and just two types of hamburgers. This is a lunch spot for people who work for a living in the area, so all of their food is super fresh. Best part? For a €1 you can get a fresh juice, and for 2€ a whole meal, complete with coffee. Grab a standing-room table to blend in with the locals or take it outside to the square or to Martim Moniz park. You’ll have paid about a third for your meal compared to everyone buying from the international food stalls.

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