Momentous Eventus: Basically Christmas Edition

“Christmas is built upon a beautiful and intentional paradox; that the birth of the homeless should be celebrated in every home.” G. K. Chesterton.

It’s not Christmas yet, folks, but it might as well be, because tomorrow isn’t promised and, moreover, as dead Scottish poet Alexander Smith once said, “Christmas is the day that holds all time together.” However, as time itself continues unraveling right in front of our eyes due to you know what and, thus, this year’s Christmas is shaping up to be pretty basic for most and even worse for others, let us not despair, and let us remember to remain grateful for what we have, and for each other. For instance, here’s some Christmasy, not-so-Christmasy, and more jazzy than usual stuff happening around Lisbon the next few days and nights:

Dec 17
The Dan Luz al Sol Ensemble invites you to Palácio Pimenta tonight to hear some Christmas tunes from 16th and 17th- century Iberia (aka ‘vilancicos’) sung in Portuguese, Spanish, Aztec, and Creole, among others, and to, thereby, transcend space-time free of charge.

And later tonight, locally bred trumpeter who “has more concerts scheduled in other countries than in his own” Luís Vicente (and his trio) has a concert scheduled in Galeria Zé dos Bois. The trio will be sharing with the locals some non-Christmas improvisational jazz tunes from their latest album, Chanting In The Name Of. Tickets are 7€.

Dec 18
Well-traveled local jazz singer Catarina dos Santos comes to AveNew this Saturday night, accompanied by friends on piano and bass, to share with you some original material inspired by the music of Portugal, Brazil, Cape Verde, and Angola, as well as tunes by some Brazilian heavy-hitters. Entry is 12€ (with RSVP).

Dec 18-19
Casa de Pandora at Chapitô is a two-day circus-themed market that aims to give “priority, support, and affection to the artist – as a small producer – and who really has in his art the only way to survive.” Expect art, but also expect clothes, jewelry, handicrafts, food and drink, music, and, given the name, a few surprises. Kids are welcome. Entry is free.

Dec 19
Local singing legend Teresa Salgueiro comes to Cinema São Jorge this Sunday eve with Natal Português. The organizers promise a Christmas show that will, among other things, transport us to a place of “melodies of the past and echoes of a bygone childhood.” Teresa is accompanied by friends on classical guitar, accordion, double bass, and percussion. Entry is free if you donate some stuff for those in need.

This Sunday’s Xmas Market at Arroz Estúdios is different from the traditional Domingo no Arroz markets there in that this time it’s actually free to get into. Probably because it’s almost Christmas, and Jesus liked stuff like that. Art, clothes, handicrafts, craft beer, specialized food, and live music are all still on the agenda, however, as per custom.

Dec 20
If you’re looking for some free, live, and usually impressive improvised jazz on a Monday night, then self-described simply as “the absolute and unavoidable reference of Monday nights in the capital,” Jazz Jam at Titanic Sur Mer is happening for two more Monday nights this year, and entry is free.

Dec 21
Yep, Lisbon sure does love its jazz. And if you prefer to drop 12€ on a live jazz jam session, then AveNew’s Jazz Sessions with Cuban-born and Lisbon-renowned pianist Victor Zamora and friends are happening for another two Tuesday nights. According to the organizers, the sessions even include “guests and special guests.”

See our full calendar of events for more holiday and non-holiday, jazzy and non-jazzy culture for the rest of the year and onwards. But remember that getting inside places is not as easy as it once was, so check with the organizers about what’s what before you venture out. Be safe, be kind, let it be, and all that jazz. Oh, and — for those of us who enjoy (or at least used to enjoy) sky travel — Happy Wright Brothers Day!

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