Momentous Eventus: Be Kind, Be Fair, Get Lucky Edition

"Forgiveness is the fragrance that the violet sheds on the heel that has crushed it." Mark Twain.

Bom dia, dear Lisbon. Did you know that as of yesterday, the world is celebrating Be Kind to Humankind Week? Not only that, but today is also simultaneously Forgive Your Foe Friday, Women’s Equality Day, and Make your Own Luck Day. So as we let bygones be bygones, treat each other with dignity and respect, and make the best of the hand destiny has dealt us no matter what, here’s just a tiny bit of culture happening around Lisbon this weekend to be reminded of both the best humankind has to offer and how lucky we all really are:

Aug 27
Tomorrow morning, the Museu da Água invites you to visit the Aqueduto das Águas Livres — Lisbon’s enormous marvel of engineering that supplied water to its residents for centuries. Tickets are 6€ (and you’ll need your Portuguese for this one).

And tomorrow afternoon, Zirkus Mond Lisboa presents TENDA ABERTA — an open-tent event for “the curious and circus lovers” to share and learn about circus acts and techniques. You can bring your own circus gear and/or kids, or just come watch the magic while listening to some local DJs. Entry is free with a yearly 3€ membership.

Now through Aug 28
This is the last weekend to check out the PEOPLE LANDSCAPES: NARRATIVES OF THE MNAC COLLECTION (1855-1920) at, well, the MNAC. It deals with “the aesthetics of the landscape,” and humans’ role therein, in Portuguese art from more than a century ago. Entry is 4,50€, and it’s free on Sunday (the last day).

Now through Aug 29
This is also the last weekend to see Antoine de Galbert’s Traverser la nuit at the MAAT. In it, the French collector’s multimedia pieces (by dozens of international artists) invite audiences to go “from dawn to dusk, from blindness and disorientation to better days on the horizon, from nocturnal dreams to the cosmic night” — in other words, to traverse the night. Tickets are 6-9€

Now to Sept 11
Yesterday, the president of Portugal was strolling through the 92d edition of the country’s biggest annual book fair — Feira do Livro de Lisboa 2022 — browsing for some last-minute summer reading material, this time mask-free. For the next two weeks, you can do the same.

Browse our What’s On In Lisbon section for more stuff to do around town today, in the near future, and for months to come. Be excellent to each other, have a beautiful fim de semana, and boa sorte.

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